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Do it yourself pedicure


The 5 minute pedicure. Shot really badly! Just tips on how to give yourself a really quick pedicure if you’re rushing off to work or out on a hot date and you want your feet to look and feel gorgeous. Penelope
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Steps: 1. Remove nail polish 2. Shape/file toenails 3. Soak feet 4. Dry nails and push back cuticles with a towel 5. Use cuticle pusher to push back cuticles and remove dead nail 6. Clip large hangnails 7. Rinse feet and dry 8. Massage nails with a cuticle oil or cream 9. Scrub feet then rinse 10. Dry feet then paint nails with desired polish Recommended products: ~Non-Acetone nail polish remover ~Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream ~Sally Hansen Pedicure in a Minute Foot Exfoliation Cream
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  1. igracedissingerable says:

    Thanx fer the tips!!

  2. OMGOMGGOM!!! HTIS is soooooooooooo good!

  3. LootsGurl says:

    you shouldn’t saw the file back and fourth on your natural nail go in one direction lift put it back then do it again! i am in week three and am being tested tomorrow on pedicures and our teacher taught us that so i was just passing on the knowledge 🙂 good job though!!

  4. TheSuperBlackMan says:

    I love watching you work on your toes!

  5. CrazySRBgirl says:

    Veronica Mars D:

  6. illmatic33 says:

    I’m size 16 lol. What am i gonna use to put my feet in?

  7. countrygirl7596 says:

    ooooh, BIG, FLUFFY CARPET!!!!! 😀

  8. Meiyumii says:

    I used to use Sally Hansen alot but not so much anymore..but she does make great products =)

    Good tutorial. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  9. x6alalx says:

    why am i hard?

  10. o0ASESINO0o says:


  11. shiningstar0721 says:

    what about if your nails already turned yellowish…any tips to get rid of that?

  12. coolkidcaity says:

    thats a good idea with the q tip as a cutical pusher, i never would of thot of tht:)

  13. michael18 says:

    ur feet are pretty

  14. bibalish36 says:

    why do you need her feet size? thats kinda wierd no affence.

  15. bibalish36 says:

    great vid thanks !

  16. ArtistWoOoOo says:

    can i ask you something?You said it’s a harsh chemical aceton in it,but i bought some monts ago a new polish remover without aceton to try it,and it was sooo much harmul to our nails,now we bought ACETON from a drugstore to try it too and i’ve been using it about some weeks,till now is good enough,it doesn’t “melt” the nail polish so well like the harmful one but i think its better,but why the aceton-free one was harmful and the one from the drugstore(Pharmacy) which is pure acton it is may not?

  17. ArGi286 says:

    Very good I subscribed!

  18. FOTOMANIAVR says:

    Good job!
    Your feet size? Please.

    Ciao bella :)

  19. haileysheets says:

    Great video. You explain things very clearly and detailed. Keep the videos coming.

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